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Radha Soami Satsang Beas

Radha Swami (at River Beas) teachnig directly deals with the Path of the Masters and The Path of Love.
Radha Soami Satsang Beas "is a scientific method of … [God realization] within us, while we are still living in the here and now," according to Great Satguru Maharaj Charan Singh Ji , the previous Living Master. It is "a school of practical spiritual training for God realisation" and "does not consist of any rites, rituals, ceremonies, dogmas, priesthood, or church or temple worship."
"Living in the world and discharging all our obligations towards wife, children, relatives, friends, and humanity, we have simply to turn our heart Godward. The saints' teachings are very simple. They say that all the woe, misery, and anguish that is the lot of the human race are due to our sad separation from God. This world, which we love so much, is not our true home. "Unless [the soul] returns to its ancient original home, its sorrows and sufferings cannot and will not end. For this purpose, it need not seek anywhere outside of itself. Our body is the temple within which the Lord resides.

RadhaSoami Dhyan: Surat Sabd Yog

"Second is dhyan, or contemplation on the immortal form of the Master. This helps in keeping the attention fixed at that centre. "Third is bhajan, or listening to the Anahad Shabd or celestial music that is constantly reverberating within us. With the help of this divine melody, the soul ascends to higher regions and ultimately reaches the feet of the Lord. Radha Soami Satsang Beas, a Spiritual Centre in Northern India Beas (Punjab), their teachings and philosophies are really amazing and based on the scientific methods rather than just only belief or superstitions. A human being can attain true salvation by just following their paths, which basically includes, leading a moral life and practicing the "Paanch Naam". Radha Soami is not a myth or a way adopted from any superstitions but it's a scientific approach for the true Seekers of truth and salvation.
"Pratham sant satsang suhana, Sadhu sang se upaje gyana.
Duji bhakti param sukhdata, Chitt laga sun meri ghatha.
Taj abhiman karo guru seva, Bhramha Vishnu shiv sam guru deva.
Ho niskapat mera gun gayan, Kare so pave raam rasayan.
Drid vishvas rakh nij antar, Raam mantra kar jaap nirantar.
Indriya vash kar charit sambhalo, Sadgun dhar dharm neet palo


Soami_Ji"Soami Shiv Dayal Ji"
Seth Shiv Dayal Ji also known as Soami Ji Maharaj, He was born August 25, 1818, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. At the age of five, he was sent to school where he learnt Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Gurumukhi. The recitation of the Sikh scriptures was an article of faith in his family. His father, Dilwali Singh Sethi was a Sahejdhari Khatri Sikh, belonging to the order of Nanak Panthis. His family including his father, mother, mother-in-law, sister and his wife Radha Ji Naraini Devi were the followers of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from Hathras, India.Sant Tulsi Sahib ji initiated him at the age of six. He was married at an early age to Naraini Devi, daughter of Izzat Rai of Faridabad. She was of a generous disposition and was very devoted to her husband. Shiv Dayalji was selected direct from school to act as a Persian expert to a government officer in Banda. As the job did not suit him, he gave it up and took another job as a teacher of Persian with a talukdar of Ballabhgarh estate. His spiritual cravings, however, were so intense that worldly attainments no longer attracted him and he gave up even this lucrative job. He returned home for devoting his entire time to religious pursuits.
After the death of Tusli Saheb he practiced Surat Shabd Yoga for 15 years in almost total seclusion in a room within a room. He started holding satsang publicly on Vasant Panchami (a spring festival) in 1861. This schedule continued for 17 years. He was the first Satguru to use the appellation of Radha Soami for the Supreme Being in his teachings. Swami ji originally referred to the Supreme Being with the names "Satnaam" and "Anaami". The movement became known as Radha Soami, (Radha meaning "Soul" and Soami meaning "Lord", hence "Lord of the Soul") after Rai Saligram came to him as a disciple. The yoga system taught by Swami Ji is known as Surat Shabd Yoga.
He departed from this world on June 15, 1878 in Agra, India.
Swami ji has described the secret of divine and true 'Naam'.


Jaimal_Singh_Ji"Jaimal Singh Ji"
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji also known as "Babaji Maharaj", was the first Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Baba Ji is the founder Of Dera, Radha Soami satsang Beas which is known by the name Dera Baba Jaimal Singh. Jaimal Singh ji was born in village Lath Ghuman (Ghoman) near Batala, Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, in July, 1839. His father was Sardar Jodh Singh ji a farmer by trade, and his mother was Sardarni Daya Kaur ji. She was a devotee of Bhagat Namdev, and from the age of four Baba ji started visiting the local shrine dedicated to the memory of this Sant Mat Sant.
At the age of five he started his education with Baba Khem Singh ji, a Vedanti sage. Within two years he became a good reader of Guru Granth Sahib and read Dasam Granth also.
At the age of 12–13 years his studying of the Guru Granth Sahib brought him to the understanding that this scripture rejects Pranayama, Vairagya, Hatha yoga, Japa, places of pilgrimage, fasting and rituals as means to finding the absolute God described by Nanak and the other sikh gurus. He reached the conclusion that to follow its method of realising God, he must first find a perfect Master, a Satguru who practices Anhad Shabad, the meditation on the inner sound principle.
Some time after the death of his father when Jaimal was fourteen he started the search for a Perfect Master of Panch Shabdi Naam as per the description in the Guru Granth Sahib. After temporarily returning home he again took up the search, undergoing a long and arduous journey around northern India from age fifteen to seventeen. Finally, in Swamiji Shiv Dayal Singh of Agra, he found the one whom he accepted as his Satguru and was initiated by him 1856.
After taking initiation he asked his guru Shiv Dayal if he could become a sadhu and devote his attentions fulltime to abhyas. But his guru told him that the Sant Mat tradition was for followers to earn their own living by honest means. Jaimal told Shiv Dayal that his family tradition was farming but that would involve marrying which he said felt no inclination to do. Therefore Shiv Dayal advised the teenage Jaimal to join the local regiment of the British Indian Army, which he did in 1856.
In Oct 1877, Shiv Dayal ordered Baba Jaimal Singh ji to start initiating "true seekers" in Punjab Swamiji advised him not to interfere with the religious choice of a devotee, and to "steer clear of sects and creeds."
During his service in the Army, Baba Jaimal Singh ji met and initiated Baba Bagga Singh ji in Multan, now in Pakistan. Bagga Singh started a new line of gurus at Tarn Taran after Jaimal's death.
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji retired from the Army on June 7, 1889 and started living in his village, and later built a hut in village Bal Saran at the bank of river Beas, Punjab, India, and started living there. Slowly, a number of devotees increased and one of his devotees donated three beeghas of land for the colony known as the 'Dera' and Radha Soami Satsang Beas.
Once he went to Mari Pahar, a city in Pakistan, where he initiated Baba Sawan Singh ji who became the successor guru at Dera Beas after Jaimal's death.
Baba Jaimal Singh spent his whole life in the service of Dera Beas and its devotees. He left his mortal body on Dec 29, 1903.


Sawan_Singh_Ji"Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji"
Baba Sawan Singh also known as "The Great Master" or "Bade Maharaji" was an Indian Saint. He was the second Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) from the death of Baba Jaimal Singh in 1903. Before he died he appointed Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh as his spiritual successor at Beas.Disciples of his who after his death have formed separate spiritual missions at other places in India[4] include Sant Kirpal Singh, Baba Somanath, Pritam Das, Shah Mastana Ji and Ishwar Puri. Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji was born into a Sikh family on 27 July 1858 in village Jatala, District Ludhiana. His father was Subedar Major Kabul Singh and his mother was Mata Jiwani. He was married to Mata Kishan Kaur Ji and together they had three children. He passed Engineering from Thomason College, Roorkee and joined the Military Engineering Service. His bearing was majestic and attractive.
He studied scriptures of various religions but retained a strong connection with the Gurbani of the Sikh religion.
He had contact with a mystic of Peshawar named Baba Kahan who he hoped to get initiation from but was refused. "I associated with him for several months and during that time he showed supernatural powers on several occasions. When I asked him if he would shower grace upon me by initiating me, he answered: "No, he is somebody else; I do not have your share.' I then asked him to tell me who that person was so that I could contact him. He replied: "When the time comes, he will himself find you.
Later when Sawan was stationed at Murree, he met Baba Jaimal Singh ji, who said to his companion that he had come to initiate Sawan Singh Ji. After much arguing and discussion and several conferences with Baba Ji, Sawan Singh Ji became thoroughly convinced and received Initiation from Baba Jaimal Singh Ji on the 15th day of October, 1894.
He retired in 1911 and set up Dera Baba Jaimal Singh at Beas whose foundations had been laid by his Master in 1891, and built houses, bungalows and a Satsang Hall at the Dera premsis. He sheltered victims of the communal partition holocaust. His following included Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and from abroad. True to his name, Sawan- The Season of Rain, he showered his Master's wealth freely. He was very devoted to his Master Jaimal Singh.


Jagat_Singh_Ji"Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji"
Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji, Sant Sat Guru, Radha Soami Satsang Beas was born on the 20th July, 1884 at Nussi, a small village not very far from Beas in the Punjab, India. He received His education in the Mission School at Jalandhar and later took his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry. He joined the Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur, in 1911 as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and retired as Vice Principal of the institution in 1943. On December 28, 1910 he was initiated into the Mystic Practice of Surat Shabd Yoga or Nam Bhakti by Huzur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji. He practised it very assiduously and conscientiously and, even as a professor, He was popularly known among the staff as well as the students as 'Guru Ji'. He had only two interests - His official duties and His spiritual practices, both of which were performed with unusual fervour. His faith in the Satguru was unshakeable.
Always ready to pass on to others the credit due to Him, never standing for any show, He was unostentatious to an amazing degree. Many are the instances where He anonymously paid fees for students, even educated some abroad, without their having ever known who the donor was and without Himself knowing the donees.
Throughout his long service He made it a point to spend most of his weekends with his Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj at the Dera, and many a person in Lyallpur owes initiation from Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji to His solicitude for them.
After his retirement in 1943, He spent practically all his time in meditation and Shabd Abhyas (Practice) till He assumed charge of His Master's work at Beas in April 1948 and engrossed Himself fully in carrying out the functions and duties entrusted to Him, despite His indifferent health.
He departed from this world on October 23rd, 1951.


Charan_Singh_Ji_Maharaj"Maharaj Charan Singh Ji"
Maharaj Charan Singh Ji was a spiritual teacher and fifth Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB). He took over the leadership in 1951 after the untimely death of Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh, who in turn, had taken over the leadership from Baba Sawan Singh three years earlier. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji led the mission for thirty-nine years. He taught that, because of our attachment to the mind and body, we have lost sight of our true self. By using the ancient mystical practices of Sant Mat and Surat Shabd Yoga we could be aligned with our higher selves. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji died on June 1, 1990, of a heart failure. But two days prior to his death, he dictated in his last will that his nephew, Gurinder Singh Dhillon would succeed him as both the Spiritual Master of the Dera and the Patron of its many activities. Gurinder Singh is the current spiritual head of the sect.

Today, the Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) organization is a global non-profit, charitable society with branches all over the world. Its mission is very clear; spread the spiritual knowledge of the group, carry out regular Satsangs / sermons, provide food and shelter for spiritual aspirants, publish relevant literature, and to support the running of a free hospital close to the head office in Bea, Punjab, India. After his death in 1990, he was succeeded by his nephew, Satguru Baba Gurinder Singh Ji.
The present Satguru is Baba Gurinder Singh Ji, headquartered at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas, Punjab, India.


Gurinder_singh_ji"Gurinder Singh Ji"
(Baba Ji)
Baba Gurinder Singh ji became the successor to Maharaj Charan Singh at the age of 36 years on June 1, 1990. He is one of the youngest teachers to be appointed to head the Dera,Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Baba Gurinder Singh Ji, was born in 1954 on August 1. Before accepting the position to head the RSSB, he lived and worked in Spain. Baba Gurinder Singh,the spiritual head of Radha Soami Satsang, Beas, has a magnetic and radiant personality. Educated at Sanawar and Panjab University, Baba Ji believes that God is one, and that our soul is a particle of His divine essence. This divine essence is the spiritual vibration, the creative energy, the life-stream by which the creation took place and which energises and sustains all life and links us with our Creator. The soul has descended from its original Home of Bliss and has become a captive in the prison-house of mind and body.
Human life is a rare privilege. It provides the only opportunity to attain God-realisation. The God dwells in the human body and we should seek Him there. He is not to be found outside in forests, hills, holy river waters, temples and mosques. He has never been realised and will never be realised through external rites and rituals. It is not necessary to renounce the world and wander about to attain Him.
The main obstacle between us and the Lord is our mind. This obstacle can be removed only by means of joining our soul with His True Name, also called the Divine Melody, the Sound Current, Shabd, Word or Logos. This True Name cannot be written, read or spoken. It is beyond all sensory knowledge. It can be realised only by direct perception of the soul. It is ringing all the 24 hours at the third eye in the forehead between and slightly above the two eyebrows.